Congo opposition politician Mr. Kolelas is dead

After the just concluded election on Sunday, a leading opposition leader, Mr. Kolelas has died. There may be a constitutional crisis if the dead man wins.


Congo leading opposition politician dies


 The death of Mr. Brice Parfait Kolelas has been announced shortly after the election in the Africa country has been announced. He was the top opposition candidate in the just concluded polls in the republic of congo.


His demise came on Sunday shortly after Congo completed the election. Mr. Kolelas was deemed sick during the election even and gave up the ghost via coronavirus when he was taken to France for further treatment. According to his campaign secretary Christian Cyr Rodrigue, he died on a health helicopter that came from Congo Brazzaville on Sunday noon.


At the weekend, family members said Mr. Kolelas was getting treatment in a private clinic at the capitol. He was absent at the final event for his campaign on Friday after saying he thinks he has malaria. He was runner-up to president Denis Sassau at the 2016 pools with about 16% votes. He has over the years been very critical of the president and the policies and said the people deserve better.


Mr. Kolelas is heavily loved around the country


The Congo president has been described as an autocratic and strict fellow. Many have said the dead Kolelas would have been a better substitute however, the rigging machinery of the incumbent won't allow such. The constitution will be challenged if the dead Kolelas wins the polls as it isn't clear what will happen when a dead politician wins, who will enter.


 However, political watchers have said that scenario looks unlikely as the incumbent seems likely to win as he has a hold of the machines in the country. However, if the dead Kolelas wins, then the Supreme Court will be tested.