Why opt for the Y2K style ?

In recent years, the Y2K style, which references the aesthetics of the 2000s, has been making a strong comeback in fashion and popular culture. This retro-futuristic style is characterized by bright colors, graphic patterns and a futuristic aesthetic reminiscent of sci-fi movies from the 90s and 2000s. In this article, we will explain why going for the Y2K style is a great idea. For those looking to stand out and express their individuality. A throwback to the 2000s The Y2K style was born out of... Read

Lebanon's economy in disarray as leaders fights over currency issues

Lebanon's economy is in turmoil now as its currency has been heavily devalued. The covid-19 pandemic has thrown the nation into inflation with many citizens in poverty.   Politicians bicker as the economic fortunes of Lebanon declines    Many politicians in Lebanon have continued to fight this Monday about the formation of a new parliament as their economic problems continue to rise. Many demonstrators can be seen as various roadblocks and highways showing their display by burning tires due to t... Read