App founder, David Dobrik leaves app after a close associate was accused of sexual abuse

After a lady accused a former associate of an app founder, he has stepped down from his position. This decision was taken to avoid losing all investors.


CEO steps down after former associate was accused of rape



 The YouTube icon Davis Dobrik will leave his position after there were allegations that his ex-associate was involved in a rape case. A lady in a video stream accused his former partner of rape. The App inventor with about 20 million followers says he is not involved.


However, this came late as several brands and investors have threatened utopia to leave the influencer. He becomes very popular making funny skits working with other video streamers known as the Vlog squad. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he tried to make his own pictures App named Dispo. However, after the rape claims, support and financial backing have declined for Mr. Dobrik.


Several stakeholders withdraw support amidst rape accusations


Top investor Venture capital firm and spark capital have said they would remove all their support from the app. He has then promised to leave the board so that he won't distract them from the operations of the company. David said he doesn't want the rape baggage to affect the excellent app creation he is engaged in.


Whether this will be enough to get investors back to the app is another thing. However, there has been serious debate about the decision ó Mr. David. Since he wasn't the one at the storm, how is it right to leave the position?.


Many have argued that several investors gave argued that as long as rape cases are mentioned, investors will be afraid to have anything to do with a platform. However, others have said, what if the rape allegations were false, is it morally right for the investors to flee at all rape claims?